Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting the Amalfi Coast from Rome

Anyone who loves Italy has either visited or wants to visit the Amalfi Coast. Many say it’s the most beautiful strip of coastline in the World and it’s very high up of travel enthusiasts’ to-do lists. If you’re planning to visit the Amalfi Coast, there are a few things you should know before you go!

Why is the Amalfi Coast so Beautiful?

You’ve come to the Amalfi Coast for the stunning views, and you won’t be disappointed. The Amalfi Coast is beautiful because it combines mountains, seaside, trees, and idyllic houses in a way that is completely unique. Along the coast, at different points, the mountains seem to drop into the sea with sheer cliff faces and a few gradual declines. If this combination of mountains and sea weren’t enough, there is a beautiful array of trees and plants all around the area, colouring the mountains green as far as you can see. There’s nowhere else like the Amalfi Coast, and it’s this singularity and staggering beauty that brings tourists back again and again.

How to Get to the Amalfi Coast

Getting to the Amalfi Coast will obviously depend on where you’re coming from. It is close to Naples, so you may like to stay in Naples for a day before either renting a car or taking a tour minivan (many of the tunnels through the cliffs are too small for larger buses). If you’d rather stay in Rome, however, Gray Line Rome runs a great Amalfi Coast and Positano day trip from Rome. With this trip, you get the high-speed train southeast, from Rome to the Amalfi Coast and we will take you in a minivan around the coastal road. 

The drive along the coastal road is where the true magic is, as you’ll be able to appreciate the twists in the road as it curves around a cliff or a sudden tunnel as the road goes straight into the mountain. The roads usually have the mountains on one side and the Tyrrhenian Sea on the other, and the roads sit high above the sea, giving you the best possible perspective to appreciate the beautiful surroundings.   

Visiting Positano

Any trip to the Amalfi Coast is incomplete without a trip to Positano. This stunning town has colourful buildings, in soft yellows and terracottas, built into the cliffside. Positano might be the most photogenic town in the World and there’s something uncanny about walking through its streets with the next street over several meters above you or below you. The sense of vertical distance, of relief, makes Positano one of the most unique human settlements and a truly magical place to visit. You will also visit Positano on Gray Line’s Amalfi tour and you will have the opportunity to get a bite to eat and visit a few shops while you’re there.

We hope this blog post has convinced a few people to visit the Amalfi Coast, or that it at least encouraged a few people who were already convinced to start organising their trip. The Amalfi Coast is one of the most incredible places in the World and one of the best reasons to visit Italy. If you have any questions about our Amalfi Coast tour or perhaps our range of Rome tours, please feel free to get in touch. Plan your next big adventure with Gray Line!