Grayline Rome Meeting Points

Many of our Tours start directly from meeting points.

We kindly ask to our guests to arrive at the designated meeting point 10 minutes prior to the scheduled tour time, so that our tour coordinator/guide will be able to collect the group. You can spot easily our coordinators wearing shirts or jackets that expose our brand logo.

Here you can find all meeting points on Google Maps

Our meeting points:

A - “Grayline - I love Rome” Office, Via V.E. Orlando 95.

It is the historic site of Carrani, today is the headquarters of “Gray Line - I Love Rome”. Located directly opposite the Grand Hotel St.Regis Rome at 100 metres from Piazza della Repubblica (Repubblica Metro Stop).
GPS Coordinates: 41.904000, 12.494556

B - Piazza Risorgimento.

Just at the center of the Square you will find our staff members at the “Bar - Caffetteria L’ottagono”, 400 metres from the nearest metro Stop “ottaviano”.
GPS Coordinates: 41.906648, 12.457492

C - Constantine Arch

The meeting point is  just in front of the Arch of Constantine (GPS Coordinates: 41.889712, 12.490662), the famous  triumphal arch situated between the Colosseum and the Palatine Hill and located halfway metro stations “Colosseo” and “Circo Massimo”.

D - Piazza Navona, 53

The meeting point is just off “Al Sogno” shop entrance, located on the northern end of the square. There’s no Metro station near Piazza Navona, but is served by many bus routes, including the 70, 71 and 492.
GPS Coordinates: 41.900051, 12.473065.

E - Viale Vaticano, 100

In front of the entrance to the Vatican Museums, across the street at the bottom of the wide staircase next to “Caffé Vaticano” in Viale Vaticano, 100. The closest metro stops are “Ottaviano” and “Cipro”.
GPS Coordinates: 41.906980, 12.453196

F - Largo Argentina

Largo di Torre Argentina is a famous square in the heart of Rome. The meeting point is outside the main entrance of Teatro Argentina in Largo Argentina, 52 next to the restaurant “Rossopomodoro”. There’s no Metro station near Largo Argentina but is served by many bus and tram routes, including the 8, 62, 64, 492.
GPS Coordinates: 41.895783, 12.476268

G - Piazza della Minerva

Piazza della Minerva is a square near the Pantheon. It is also called by romans “Elephant Square”, due to the marble elephant supporting a small egyptian obelisk designed by G.L. Bernini and standing in the middle of the square. You will meet your guide beneath the sculpture.
GPS Coordinates: 41.897910, 12.477555

H - Piazza Farnese

Piazza Farnese is a square situated just an alley away from Campo de’ Fiori , best known for hosting the Embassy of France in Italy. The tour will start next to the magazine kiosk. You can reach the square by Bus: 62, 64, 492.
GPS Coordinates: 41.895288, 12.471244

I - Eataly Infobox

Eataly is located in Piazzale 12 Ottobre 1492 (the date Columbus reached the New World). Infopoint is right at the entrance. You can easily reach Eataly Roma by all types of public transport: Regional trains, Metro, Bus: “Ostiense Station”.
GPS Coordinates: 41.871135, 12.486610

J - Trastevere

The Meeting Point is in Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere, next to the Fountain in front of the Basilica. Trastevere is served by many bus lines including 8, 23 and 64.
GPS Coordinates: 41.889554, 12.470265

K - Galleria Borghese

The art Gallery is situated in Scipione Borghese Square, 5 inside Villa Borghese Gardens. The tour will begin close to the museum’s entrance. Villa Borghese is a pedestrian only zone and you can reach the park by many bus lines: 53.63, 83, 360 as well as by taxi.
GPS Coordinates: 41.913981, 12.491924

L - Piazza di Spagna

In the Piazza di Spagna, at the base of the Spanish Steps is the Bernini fountain called “Barcaccia” (or ugly boat), used by romans and tourists to cool and refresh during the hot summer days. This is the Meeting Point. By public transport the easiest way to access the area is to take metro line A to Piazza di Spagna. The square is served by its own metro station.
GPS Coordinates: 41.905809, 12.482243

M - That’s Amore Restaurant

That’s Amore is a restaurant located just a few meters away from the Trevi Fountain, in via Arcione, 115. Spagna and Barberini are the nearest Metro stations and 15 Rome city buses run along here to and from Piazza Barberini.
GPS Coordinates: 41.902143,12.485767