Five Reasons Why You Should Visit Rome at Night

Day or night, Rome is an astonishing city to experience. Night-time doesn’t seem to darken or stop the city, instead it emphasises its most special possessions – and that’s why Rome at night truly is a feast for the senses. So when you visit Rome, here’s are the reasons why you need to stop and linger after the sun goes down: 

1. See the Colosseum Under Dark Skies.

Take a late night walk around the Eternal City and make your way over to the ancient Colosseum. Even if you have been here during daylight hours, there’s something very special about visiting this building under inky blue skies. The external walls of this incredible monument to ancient times will be beautifully lit up, creating the wondrous effect of a majestic glowing façade against the darkened sky.

One of Rome’s nighttime highlights is seeing the Ancient structure of the Colosseum bathed in a warm glow. 

2. Visit the Vatican After Hours. 

The Vatican City may be the smallest country in the world – but there is no doubt it punches above its weight when it comes to beauty and significance. For that reason, it can be a busy place by day. However, you can visit the Vatican at night for a much quieter and peaceful experience.  With fewer crowds, there’s more space and time to enjoy the sights before you, and get close to the Vatican’s many artistic treasures, including the museums and the Sistine Chapel. It is a tranquil and moving experience, which seems all the more profound at night. 

The mood of the Vatican at night is much more peaceful and profound.

3. Go Shopping After Dark!

Rome does not stop after dark; instead its shops stay open later so the city’s residents and visitors can have more time to peruse their goods. In the evening, the shops are quieter and the streets are cooler – so it can be a more pleasant and relaxing experience. Rome after dark is a lovely place to go for a wander, and if you’re shopping, you may even find yourself drifting onto the Via del Corso, and then to the Spanish Steps – a famous Roman landmark that can be a fabulous and romantic place to watch the world go by after you’ve finished shopping. 

The romantic Spanish Steps at night, Rome, Italy. 

4. Rome’s Trevi Fountain is Even More Impressive After Dark. 

Rome has over 2,000 fountains; the most famous is the Trevi Fountain of course. In the evening, when the sky above Rome turns a navy blue, the Trevi Fountain becomes even more beautiful. This structure is 30 metres high and 20 meters long, so it’s very imposing. Late at night, when the crowds shrink a little, you’ll get close enough to appreciate the impressive stonework glistening under the floodlights. The scene seems quite soothing with the illuminated water cascading ever downward. Oceanus, god of water, who sits in the centre, seems even more theatrical under evening skies.  

The Trevi Fountain is even more theatrical at night time

5. Experience the Other Side of Rome – the Opposite of its Daytime Persona. 

In the evenings, there are fewer tourists in and around the city, and it feels as if Rome seems to relax after a days work. It’s a great time to experience the Rome that the locals know and love. Stop a while on one of the city’s old Piazzas – and enjoy the atmosphere as Rome’s residents and savvy tourists alike enjoy the outdoors after a meal. You might even be lucky enough to catch an outdoor concert or play – events which the city is known for. 

Day or night, Rome is spectacular, but seeing Rome at night is particularly special. When things slow down, and darkness falls, the city still bathes light upon its most unique treasures and buildings. Darkness also means there’s more space and time to reflect upon its attractions which are so popular by day. To find out more about how we can help you explore the city, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help!