Halloween in Rome

Halloween is coming! Want to visit Rome as a local expert? 

There’s so much more to Rome to explore as a local rather than the must-see as the Vatican Museums & the glorious Colosseum. Do not miss the chance to learn about the secret Rome and bring home some unique memories. Book your tours and experiences in Rome with experts and discover the dark side of the city.  

Ghosts and Mysteries of Rome 

Join us, our tour will take you to the most enigmatic places in Rome and the guide who will accompany you will not fail to make you feel a good doseoof thrills !! Brrrrr!

Have you ever noticed how the alleys and bridges of Rome seem to take on this completely different semblance at night? Are you brave enough to follow us through a terrifying journey through the scariest ghost stories and halloween legends of Rome?

Starting from Castel Sant’Angelo, famous for the beheaded ghost of the noblewoman Beatrice Cenci that is said to wander here at night, you will walk around those same enchanting attractions you will have visited during the day, but this time you will finally see their dark side! 

You will pass by the talking statues in Piazza Pasquino, learning more about their political and social importance in the Renaissance era, to then cross the magnificent Piazza Navona hoping to avoid the black bolting horses, frantically dragging Olimpia Pamphili’s carriage around the square. Your Ghost guided tour will lead you to the symbol of the Roman Empire grandeur: the Pantheon, to tell you the story of the carabiniere (Italian police military) that one night stumbled upon the ghost of King Umberto I! The king, who lies here with Vittorio Emanuele II and Margherita di Savoia, supposedly made an appearance to the terrified man and even left a mysterious political message…this is the best way to experience Halloween in Rome!

Craving for more?

All you have to do is check our Halloween selection of activities and choose the solution you prefer to enjoy the dark side of Rome.

You may just follow your guide in this ghastly walking guided tour, unveiling mysteries and dark secrets or perhaps save money and time with the combined package that also includes a 24-hour ticket to the Gray Line I Love Rome Hop on Hop off Panoramic Bus.

A Ghostly Weekend in Rome

Wishing to stay all weekend and enjoy a satisfying 4-day Roman spooky Holiday in a 4-star hotel with included full breakfast in the morning? Then choose our 4 days / 3 nights Halloween Minitour in Rome and celebrate this magical weekend with your family and friends! We got you covered!

Halloween is undoubtedly one of the funniest and most entertaining nights of the year. This year it falls in a Sunday, so what could be better than a short break from your routine to experience a magical, thrilling and spooky Roman weekend with your family and friends? The Eternal City will welcome you to this 3-night stay and its haunted atmosphere will embrace you for a full eerie experience. Are you ready to take your seat and enjoy this mystery ride through Fear and Horror? Book now your Halloween weekend in Rome!

Rome’s exclusive movie-themed park will be celebrating Halloween 

Get ready for the Zombie Walk or the Halloween Parade, find the courage to step in the Horror House and walk out of it in one piece; perhaps you may even ride Inferno, the rollercoaster inspired to Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, or resist all the scariest movies and TV scenes that become real before your eyes! Buy your tickets in advance with us to be celebrate Halloween in Rome in the park dedicated to movies and cinema at Cineciità World

Kids, you’re not really scared, are you? for the little ones, Cinecittà World has prepared a magic surprise: a mysterious walk through the Haunted Woods, to cross with your beautiful little creature’s face paint and your favourite mascots!

Want to discover Rome’s Underworld?

Then follow book an underground tour to visit two of the most important Basilicas of the Catholic world and the unforgettable Catacombs. See the worshipped the Holy Stairs at St. John in Lateran. The heart of Christianity from the time of the persecutions to the rise of the Pope’s power. A fascinating journey into the history of Catholic Rome

Join us on this special journey through Rome’s Halloween celebrations: get ready to dive into the spectacular tour schedule that Gray Line – I Love Rome has been assembling to just rock your Halloween weekend in the city and let you have tremendous fun in a dark and spooky Rome! 


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