Ghosts and Mysteries of Rome Guided Walking Tour

As the sunlight begins to fade and the shadows start to embrace Rome’s rooftops, you will get ready to follow our guide through the dark and dreadful side of the Eternal City. A terrifying experience awaits… but don’t panic! You’ll be guaranteed full protection against the Covid hex! You will crawl through some of the most haunted alleys in the city, unveiling mysteries and learning about creepy conspiracies, horrible betrayals, murders and beheadings. You’ll even get to cross the bridge where one of the past Popes’ soul still wanders at night!

1hr 30 minutes
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Fully refundable when canceled up to 24 hours prior to departure.


The Haunted Itinerary will feature a stop by:

  • Castel Sant'Angelo
  • Via del Governo Vecchio
  • Piazza Pasquino
  • Piazza Navona
  • Pantheon
  • Piazza della Minerva
  • Largo di Torre Argentina
  • Piazza Mattei


  • Professional Guide
  • Small-group tour (max. 15 participants)


  • Transportation
  • Tips and Gratuities

Please Note

  • This tour will operate in any weather condition
  • Comfortable shoes are recommended
  • Bring your own bottle: the street corner fountains (Nasoni) of Rome provide excellent free and drinkable water!

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Ghosts and Mysteries of Rome Guided Walking Tour

1hr 30 minutes

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Fabrio R.
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February 14, 2022
Tutto molto semplice e magistralmente organizzato.. grazie
February 14, 2022
Image with Rate from Fabrio R.
Tutto molto semplice e magistralmente organizzato.. grazie
reviewed by Fabrio R.


The supernatural forces will never leave your side as you deal with Rome’s eerie stories about the living dead!

Raise your hand if you are not afraid of ghosts!

The ghosts and mysteries that a city like Rome could hide have perhaps always scared anyone a little, whether you believe it or not ... the doubt remains! There is a certain curiosity in wanting to find out who, among the thousand celebrities and important characters of our history, could still be wandering the streets of the capital and scare all of the passer-by.
The Eternal City is famous for its thousand-year history of battles, conquests, intrigues and mysteries, of great heroes and restless souls who simply cannot leave the scene although time passes by. Rumor says that they move through the alleys, bridges and squares of this mysterious and at times ghostly city of ours.

Our tour will take you to the most enigmatic places in Rome and the guide who will accompany you will not fail to make you feel a good dose of thrills !! Brrrrr!
What will you visit and which monuments will we reveal secrets and curiosities about?

Castel Sant’Angelo

Our adventure begins from Castel Sant’Angelo, which we will visit from the outside.
This place is known for its dungeons where nobles, artists and common criminals lived. Men and women united by a sad destiny: become the favourite macabre show for the Roman people of the time, who reunited on the bridge on the occasion of the executions!
Even after hundreds of years from their death, however, it seems that the show must and does indeed go on; there are those who swear to hear their voices, their moans, which only the souls who cannot find peace manifest.
Once we leave the Castle, we will continue walking along Via del Governo Vecchio to reach Piazza Pasquino. There we will find the statue of an ancient Greek hero, or what remains of it: a bust and a "puffy" face. It was strangely known as The Statue of Pasquino, or as "Pasquino" for the Romans, and still represents the most famous talking statue in Rome. It became a unique attraction of the city between the 16th and 19th centuries. At night, at the foot of the statue, but more often around the neck, sheets containing satire in verse were hung, aimed at anonymously mocking politicians and the most important public figures of the time.

There are many possible origins of this name: the first dates back to 1600, when the statue faced an “Osteria”, whose owner Pasquino was allegedly loose-lipped. Another hypothesis is that it was named after a teacher from a school located near the square, because it resembled him; a third was because Pasquino was the name of a good composer of satirical verses. Others say that it derives from the name of one of the characters of Boccaccio.
Leaving the statue, we will then reach Piazza Navona. This baroque jewel ties its history to an intriguing noblewoman: Olimpia Maidalchini Pamphili, known as The Popess and nicknamed "La Pimpaccia" due to the association with a prostitute, Pimpa, a character of a comedy. Born in Viterbo in 1591, Olimpia was greedy for money and power and this, legend says, cost her the most expensive price of all, her life!

We will also mention the majestic "Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi", located in the center of the square, that is associated with a bad fortune for any lover: whoever turns around the fountain counterclockwise loses his/her loved one, so beware!
Those who are passionate about history will be amazed to know that the hieroglyphs of the fountain’s obelisk have no meaning at all: the Romans stole the obelisk when it was not yet completed and engraved symbols of fantasy to finish up the work!
Restless souls will also welcome you at the next stop, the Pantheon, a masterpiece of Roman engineering, first a pagan temple and later a Catholic church.
Popular tradition has it that for centuries it was haunted by demons, as well as the scene of an episode concerning the moat that runs along the temple and which saw the magician Pietro Bailardo clash with the Devil himself! So be careful when you walk around the ditch, a naughty shadow with a tail and a pitchfork could be nearby!

And after discovering the ghosts around the Pantheon, we will arrive at Piazza della Minerva. You will admire the obelisk of the Minerva, placed at the center since 1667, and positioned on the back of a small elephant known as "The elephant of Minerva", a marble statue sculpted by Bernini. It is famous because it turns its back to the old convent of the Inquisition (17th century) as a sign of disapproval.

A little further away we will find Largo di Torre Argentina, where the great Julius Caesar was assassinated, one of the most eclectic and important figures of the Roman Empire, who would be the origin of many mysteries. We will conclude our tour in Piazza Mattei, which takes its name from the Giacomo Mattei palace.

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