Why Take a Vatican Tour with Gray Line Rome?

Some of the most famous Rome sights might be optional, but Vatican City isn’t one of them. Visiting this incredible place is an absolute must-do – and for many, it’s the main reason they come to Rome in the first place. But even if your interest in the Vatican is more casual, you’ll be absolutely bowled over once you start exploring it.

So what’s involved in organising a trip to the Vatican? Well, many people don’t plan their trip in advance at all; they simply arrive in St. Peter’s Square and join the line. The trouble with this method is that it takes a lot of patience and a dash of luck – you could be in line for hours, and if you haven’t come early enough, you may not get in at all. And then there’s the fact that you won’t have a tour guide to give you the extra information that can make experiencing the wonders of the Vatican even more meaningful.  

The other option – and the one we’d recommend – is to join a tour. But not all tours offer the same kind of experience. Here are four reasons to choose one of our Gray Line tours of the Vatican.  

Gray Line is an Official Vatican Tour Partner

There are hundreds of different tours of the Vatican to choose from, so knowing which tour company to trust can be tricky. But as one of only a handful of Official Vatican Tour Partners, Gray Line Rome has a coveted seal of approval that puts it ahead of the competition. Not only are our tours approved by the Vatican, we can offer privileges other companies can’t – such as out-of-hours access to the Vatican and tours of parts of the complex that are normally off-limits to the general public. Read more about what the Gray Line partnership with the Vatican means. 

Gray Line Tours Get You in Quicker

One of the surest ways to take the shine off any trip to the Vatican is to fail to take the length of the line into account. As mentioned above, arriving without any plan for avoiding the line can mean a very long wait indeed – and by the time you actually get into the Vatican Museums, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel, it’s likely you’re going to be more than a little grumpy. 

To avoid this, you need a tour or ticket with skip-the-line access. There are many different companies that claim to offer this, but unfortunately, not all of them really do; some might cut down your waiting time a bit, and some not at all. But Gray Line tours really do let you beat the crowds and waltz past the line – and thanks to our official partnership with the Vatican, you can rely on that. 

There’s a Gray Line Vatican Tour for Everyone

We offer more than 15 different tours and Vatican activities. That means that whether you want to explore the Vatican in-depth or just visit certain sections of it, there’s a Gray line Rome tour to suit you. Early risers might like our Sistine Chapel & Vatican Museums First Entrance Ticket, which will get you in before the crowds arrive but let you explore at your own pace, without a guide. Or, if you’re keen to get the full story behind all the artistic, architectural and religious wonders you’ll be seeing, you might prefer our Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel & St. Peter’s Basilica Skip-the-Line Morning Tour. An expert guide will be on hand to share their extensive knowledge with you. Alternatively, discover the Vatican and other major sights in one go with a combination trip like our Rome in One Day: Vatican & Colosseum with Real-Skip-the-Line-Tour.

Gray Line Tours Offer Extra Insight

Because we know you might enjoy discovering the Vatican in your own way, not all of our tours are guided. But if you do prefer to have a guide for your visit, Gray Line caters to that too. All of our guides are professional, experienced experts, who have carefully curated a route through the Vatican that will take in all the most significant and interesting sights and artworks throughout the buildings. Having them on hand to provide crucial background information and answer any questions you have can add another dimension to your Vatican experience. You’ll leave feeling like you’ve learned more than you ever expected.

Gray Line Rome covers far more than just the Vatican. Check out our full selection of Rome tours