Why Visit Rome in the Summer?

If you’re a bit of a sun-worshipper, the summer could be your perfect time to visit Rome. The city sizzles at this time of year, and temperatures climb high. But even if you’re not a big fan of hot weather, there are plenty of things that recommend Rome in the warmer months. The long hours of sunlight and warm evening guarantee that this is always a buzzing time of the year when outdoor events of all kinds are frequent. In August, you’ll find the city relatively quiet, as the locals head out to the countryside en masse. This means smaller lines, fewer crowds and more space for you to enjoy discovering this beautiful destination. And the other summer months have plenty of charms of their own, too. Here are a few of them. 

Rome Has Endless Summer Events

As mentioned above, there’s an extensive program of festivals and outdoor events to keep you busy during the Roman summertime. Strolling through the squares and green spaces of the city’s historic heart, you’re likely to stumble upon all kinds of interesting sights without even trying to. From the late afternoon into the night, the weather is perfect for outdoor movie screenings, food markets, open-air music shows and much more besides. And because this is Rome, after all, many of these events take place in utterly breath-taking settings. For example, you’ll never forget the dazzling experience of watching a ballet or an opera against the backdrop of the ancient ruins of the Terme di Caracalla (Roman baths).

Rome’s Green Spaces are Gorgeous in the Sun

Rome’s green spaces offer the perfect refuges from the hustle and bustle of the city streets, and many of them are impossibly scenic. Dozing off on a picnic blanket in the shade of a tree is a good plan for the hottest part of the day. Beautiful Villa Ada is an excellent place for a stroll and a rest during the daylight hours, and it also hosts an array of evening events. 

But if you want all-out elegance, head to stunning Villa Borghese, which is packed with historic buildings, cultural venues and wonderfully landscaped areas. Renting a boat is a popular summer pastime here. You can find out more about Villa Borghese over on our Borghese Gallery and Gardens and Colosseum Walking Tour page. 

Villa Pamphili is another park that features stylish, manicured gardens, and just like Villa Ada. it’s the site of concerts and other events throughout the summer.  

The Tiber Comes Alive in Summer

From June until August each year, the Lungo il Tevere festival turns the River Tiber into a magical place. Pop-up bars and restaurants with a view of the water make for atmospheric places to drink and dine. Cultural events and movie screenings take place along the river banks and on Tiber Island. Hanging out here is a wonderful way to feel part of the city.

Every Day is Gelato Day During the Roman Summer

You’ll never have gelato quite as good as real Italian gelato – and Rome has a huge number of outstanding gelatarias. Of course, this tasty treat – close to ice cream, but creamier – can be enjoyed at any time of the year. But it’s definitely most satisfying in the heat of summer when you can cool down with a cone while sitting on the edge of a scenic city square and doing some high-quality people watching. 

Summer is Beach Season

Rome offers easy access to several different beaches – and as with all beaches, the summer is an excellent time to visit them, especially if you want to find the sea warm enough for swimming. Beaches around an hour away from Rome by public transport include the one belonging to the lovely historic town of Sperlonga. The town has plenty of attractions besides its stretch of white-sand coast, too, such as a museum of archaeology. Santa Marinella offers another chilled-out choice of beach, with the bonus for history lovers that it’s right next to Odescalchi Castle. And if you’re looking for something with a bit more energy, you could choose the beach at Fregene, where the summer nightlife is as hot as the weather.

Summertime Rome by Night is Glorious

Exploring Rome after dark is always a special experience, and even more so in the summer, when the high evening temperatures mean the streets are lively long after dark and you don’t have to worry about bringing a jacket along on your night-time adventures. Popular attractions that are at their most impressive after sunset include the famous Trevi Fountain, which is bathed is gorgeous light every evening. And the summer weather means that even late at night you’ll be able to enjoy the typical Italian experience of dining outdoors. 

To discover the completely different face the city reveals at night, why not try one of our Rome by night tours? Or view our full selection of Rome tours here.