The Best Italian Halloween Costumes

The Best Italian Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner. While you are waiting for your next Italian getaway, you can always take inspiration for a fun Halloween costume. Italy provides plenty of inspiration from stereotypical classics to historical figures for you to live an authentic “Halloween Italiano”. 

Do Italians Celebrate Halloween?

Although Italy does not celebrate Halloween like the United States does, there are plenty of options for fun. This list of the best Italian Halloween costumes has you covered.

Venice Gondolier: Before you take a beautiful trip to Italy’s floating city, you can step into the shoes of a suave gondolier. This costume can easily be DIY’d or purchased and an easy Italian Dress Up Costume.

Julius Caesar: This is a classic costume that can be found in almost any Halloween store. Command Halloween the same way that he commanded the Roman Empire. You’ll surely bring the Italian Halloween Traditions at your party this year.  Just make sure you keep an eye out for Brutus! 

Michelangelo: Bring back a costume renaissance to Halloween this year. You can put together a beard, a robe, and a painter’s palette. Paint your way through your Halloween festivities with this classic and inspire your party to travel to Rome soon to admire the Sistine Chapel!

Donatella Versace: There is always a great option to dress up as the Italian Queen of Fashion. Grab a blonde wig and flip through google to pick a signature Donatella look.

Catherine de Medici: This costume has a lot of potential. The story of the Medici family is the original come up story. This family started out as bankers and eventually churned out a few popes and a queen. Catherine became the Queen Consort of France. Grab yourself a renaissance gown and crown for this one!

Roman Gladiator: Release your inner macho and dress up as a Roman Gladiator. You will be sure to slay the competition this Halloween season.

Halloween is a great way to embrace some of your travel favorites. Using beautiful destinations like Italy for inspiration is a great way to keep your memories and hopes alive. Italy’s rich history provides many options and varieties. I hope that you give one of these a try and keep following our advices for Americans Traveling To Italy!

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