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Gray Line I Love Rome wins the Travelers' Choice Award 2021!

Posted by GLRome on October 11, 2021


Breaking news! Gray Line I Love Rome has been awarded the Travelers’ Choice Award!

This prestigious award, formerly known as Certificate of Excellence, is granted annually by TripAdvisor as an appreciation to the companies that have been registering the highest reviews by their travellers, reaching an overall score of at least 4 over 5 on the platform and a minimum number of reviews in the past 12 months.

Only 10% of the companies that are present on TripAdvisor ever receive a Travelers’ Choice Award and this year, Gray Line I Love Rome got one, as well as other astonishing partners around the globe!

TripAdvisor is the largest travel platform in the world, with more than 878 million reviews overall and Q&As generated around more than 8.8 million accommodations, restaurants, experiences, airline and cruise companies in 49 countries/markets and 28 languages.

Chiara Gigliotti, Carrani Tours and Gray Line I Love Rome’s General Manager, is absolutely ecstatic about the victory: "These past two years brought us some very unexpected challenges, but thanks to the commitment and hard work of the whole team and the owners we fought against all odds to operate our tours in Rome, or our escorted tours all over the country.

We have been striving to guarantee the highest health and hygiene standards, as well as offering the very excellence of the Italian tourism industry despite the low traffic volume, but we did it with unaltered passion. We are beyond grateful for this new award, as it supports the exceptional work of a family that includes the local Roman guides and the operational staff on the ground, always able to identify and match the arising new needs of our travellers.

The award given by TripAdvisor is based on a punctual customer experience analysis and on a thorough examination of their reviews: this is why, in our opinion, it is the authentic excellence standard award in the Tours and Activities industry", she said.


Chiara Gigliotti, General Manager Carrani Tours & Gray Line I Love Rome

The TripAdvisor special note accompanying the award stated that «Despite the difficult months that we are about to leave behind, Gray Line I Love Rome has kept receiving the endless appreciation and support from their travellers».

«Congratulations to the Travelers’ Choice Awards winners of 2021», said Kanika Soni, Chief Commercial Officer at TripAdvisor

«Last year was a truly tough one for all the actors involved in the tourism sector, at global level, but I was positively impressed with the way each and every one of them adjusted to every new challenge, implementing new health standards, social distancing best practices and the use of technologies to give priority to guest safety. The Travelers’ Choice Award proudly casts a spotlight on the companies that were able to maintain very high standards and this year, it also applauds the outstanding service and experience granted to each guest in the midst of a pandemic».  

The prestigious award granted to Gray Line I Love Rome is a bright ray of sunshine after a truly hard year. The Covid-19 pandemic has precluded international travel for over a year and a half and the entire group tourism sector has been severely damaged by the consequences. 

Some encouraging news comes from the most popular search engine in the world: despite a second consecutive summer under the effects of the Coronavirus, Italy has never left Google’s top search positions and Rome was the first destination per click.

The analysis was carried out through the data collected by “Destination Insights”, the tourism tool that Google launched in Italy this summer within the frame of a focused digitalization campaign. The platform collects relevant information and distributes the data to the companies to let them understand how the demand changes over time and to keep monitoring travel trends. 

The data collected from the web queries made between June 2nd and August 18th highlights the huge appeal that Italy has over tourists from every corner of the world. Its demand, over the course of those three months, has kept rising, with an overall 75% increase.


Rome is the most trendy city to visit at the moment, according to what the customers’ have been looking up on the web, followed by Riccione, Rimini, Venice, Milan, Naples, Florence, Caorle, Lido di Jesolo and Lignano Sabbiadoro. 

It is interesting to note how Germans, Austrians, French, Swiss and Americans (U.S) are the travellers that most want to come back and if the desire to be back to international travel is something we can all agree upon, the return to a pre-pandemic tourism flow will require some other time. 

The good news is that the road is clear and even if it is a long and often troubled journey, travel is getting back on track and will soon be back to shine as bright as ever!


By Mauro Orrico 

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