Orange is the new Black: all the must-see attraction for your Halloween 2021 in Rome

The German writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, once said: ‘Rome is the capital of the world, the place where the whole world’s history and past converges. I feel like I was born a second time, that I was truly resurrected, the day I set foot in Rome’.

Everyone may easily think of the many, timeless, beauties of the Eternal City, cradle of one of the most important ancient civilisations, able to evolve and grow over any expectation, during the centuries.

Rome is also one of the most important and visited places of worship, as it includes the Vatican City State enclave in its central urban area. Yet, even the Holy See, Caput fidei (Capital of Faith), keeps its dark secrets and mysterious places.

Dare to step in the magical and noir side of Rome that has been hiding legends, stories and mysteries for centuries? Are you ready to unveil Rome’s darkest and most fascinating secrets, walking along the tangled alleys of the city centre, while admiring its history and art masterpieces and learning more about its superstitions and occultism?
Myths, traditions and folklore of a magical world will so naturally merge into the everyday life of this international must-see capital!  

Halloween night is just around the corner and we think this is the perfect opportunity to get to know the other side of the Eternal City, embarking on a journey into the darker soul of the city, wrapped in the colours of the evening.

Ghosts and Mysteries of Rome

Have you ever noticed how the alleys and bridges of Rome seem to take on this completely different semblance at night?
Are you brave enough to follow us through a terrifying journey through the scariest ghost stories and legends of Rome?

Starting from Castel Sant’Angelo, famous for the beheaded ghost of the noblewoman Beatrice Cenci that is said to wander here at night, you will walk around those same enchanting attractions you will have visited during the day, but this time you will finally see their dark side!
You will pass by the talking statues in Piazza Pasquino, learning more about their political and social importance in the Renaissance era, to then cross the magnificent Piazza Navona hoping to avoid the black bolting horses, frantically dragging Olimpia Pamphili’s carriage around the square. Your Ghost guided tour will lead you to the symbol of the Roman Empire grandeur: the Pantheon, to tell you the story of the carabiniere (Italian police military) that one night stumbled upon the ghost of King Umberto I! The king, who lies here with Vittorio Emanuele II and Margherita di Savoia, supposedly made an appearance to the terrified man and even left a mysterious political message…

Craving for more?

All you have to do is check our Halloween selection of activities and choose the solution you prefer to enjoy our Guided Tour of the Ghosts and Mysteries of Rome.

You may just follow your guide in this ghastly walking guided tour, unveiling mysteries and dark secrets or perhaps save money and time with the combined package that also includes a 24-hour ticket to the Gray Line I Love Rome Hop on Hop off Panoramic Bus.

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The Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome

One of the most evocative places in Rome is the Non-Catholic Cemetery. 

Opened in 1716 with the approval of Pope Clemente XI, this cemetery is a wonderful open-air art collection, a hidden paradise just next to the Cestia Pyramid. 

Many important artists, writers, scholars and diplomats, both Roman and foreign, are buried here. Many of them had already become Roman citizens, while others had chosen to live in Italy or suffered an illness or an accident while visiting the city.

Everyday many visitors pay their tribute to the English poets John Keats and Percy Bysshe Shelley, the Italian philosopher and politician Antonio Gramsci, the Russian painter Karl Brullov, the American poet Gregory Corso, the writer Carlo Emilio Gadda and the poetess Amelia Rosselli. 

Secure your chance to be with us on this tour of Rome’s Non-Catholic Cemetery and get your fill of peace and tranquillity as you give recognition to the life and work of the men and women that lie here.

Under the shadow cast by the Pyramid of Caius Cestius, you will know more about the life of some of the 4.000 people resting here, caressed by the scent of the pines, cypresses, myrtles, laurels and wild roses.

This Halloween, join us for the longest and scariest night of the year. 

Rome awaits! 

By Mauro Orrico