Carnival in Venice: A magical experience!

Book your Tour in Venice during the Carnival, starting from 23 January until the 9 February 2016, to experience the magic of one of the most famous festivals in the world!

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Built on a group of islands formed by almost two hundred canals, Venice is connected by four hundred bridges, and is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Carnival in Venice, an hundreds-year-old event, is a public party ahead of the Roman Catholic fasting month of Lent and one of the most elaborate and renowned festivals in the world.

Visiting Venice during Carnival is a magnificent and unique experience that will truly change your view of culture and tradition. The atmosphere, combined with rich Venetian customs, allows sightseers to jump right into a whole new world!

Carnival was first held in Venice in the 11th Century, and masks shielding the identity of party-goers have been part of the fun since the 13th century. People with different occupations and professions wore different kind of masks during the festival, so rich and poor could dress up with masks and become someone else for a short time, enjoying the fun of the festival in a relaxed and carefree way.

Costumes are only limited by the wearer’s imagination, with ancient Egyptian themes, jeweled accessories, creative headdresses and white masks. There are several types of Venetian mask, usually made of leather, porcelain or original glass technique, which are worn during the Venice Carnival.

Venice’s past comes alive during this unique celebration and with such rich roots connecting the past and present, Venice for Carnival is truly a glimpse into history!

To celebrate Carnival, the city hosts fanciful dinners, parades, masked balls and concerts culminating in the “La maschera più bella”, or “The most beautiful mask”, contest judged by a panel of international costume and fashion designers.

The core carnival events (including the “Flight of the Angel” on the first Saturday of Carnevale) always take place during the main part of the festival, which starts on January 30, 2016 and runs through the Martedi Grasso or “Fat Tuesday” on February 9.

Today as per tradition, approximately 3 million visitors flock from all over the world to stroll around Venice, Piazza San Marco in particular, in elaborate costumes to take part to the Carnival event. Apart from the vibrant parade and brilliantly friendly atmosphere there are various other events like music and dance and other forms of entertainment.

Let yourself go and embrace the Carnival’s spirit!

You can experience the freedom of anonymity behind the mask, feel the precious brocades of Venetian costumes and be inebriated by the seductive scents of eastern spices!

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Happy Carnevale!