Rome is the world’s best city for lovers!

A weekend getaway to Rome is the ideal choice for couples who are planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the most romantic and magical setting possible.

Valentine’s day is being celebrated on February 14th in the Western World and it is also known as “Day of Love and Friendship” in some Latin American countries. Usually the lovers surprise each other with nice gifts, such as flowers, sweets, toys or a card with a red heart symbol on it and there is nothing like a romantic getaway to spend this special day with your partner.
The Italians are definitely among the most romantic people in the world and St. Valentine, the patron saint of lovers, belonged to Rome. Indeed, the most romantic destinations today is without doubt Rome not only for its beautiful and ancient architecture that makes any romantic stroll down the streets of the city with your partner truly romantic, but also its history.
The evolution of Valentine’s Day is a debated and long discussion and February 14 had always had a special relationship with love in ancient Rome.
Valentine’s Day originates from this beautiful city about 18 centuries ago. According to some tradition St. Valentine was a priest who defied Emperor Claudius and was imprisoned by the wrathful ruler as punishment. While he was in prison, he was often visited by the jailer’s daughter and when he was finally executed on February 14th 269 A.D., he left a note to the girl, signing it ‘Love your Valentine’. And so the Valentine’s card was born!
But this is not the only reason to visit Rome for a romantic Valentine’s Day celebration. In charming Rome there are endless opportunities and itineraries to choose from for a perfect Valentine’s Day.

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Dine like Romans do in a typical local restaurant in Trevi area, few steps from Trevi Fountain and experience a nice walking tour in Trastevere. Enjoy a relaxing panoramic tour of Rome on board our double decker Pink Bus and discover the charm of the most famous monuments viewed under another light. Also, for this special day, the tour will include an extra “romantic” surprise stop!

Rome is one of the most romantic city in the world!

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