Gray Line Rome’s Virtual Tours – Sick of the wait?

Despite travel restrictions, Rome has never been more at your fingertips. Thanks to Gray Line Rome’s new virtual tours you can still see Rome’s beauties and benefit from the guidance of a real tour guide


Gray Line Rome is working backstage for travelers and has a brand new mission: make sure travel doesn’t lose its luster and people don’t give up dreaming and learning about Italy. 

This is why we’re putting together live tours you can reserve and enjoy from home. If you landed on this page, this new kind of experience is ideal for you and people like you who are still seeking for daily inspiration and motivation as we’re all stuck home longing for the Covid19 emergency to pass and for travel to resume. 


The word virtual in limiting. A number of museums turned to virtual experiences thanks to technology: their spaces are viewable online, sometimes in different formats, even a 360-degree format. 

 But don’t you think something is missing there?

There is actually much more to our tours! Technology showed us that we can be together despite physical distancing during the pandemic, and that we can share everyday moments even with people who live far from us, e.g. in another city or country. Taking advantage of what technology offers us today, not only has our company – a travel expert for almost a century – decided to resort to a digital platform to give its clients the chance to remotely indulge themselves with a guided visit but also opted to have a real professional local guide lead it as they reach the sight and use their smartphone webcam as a camera. 


The result is a digital and interactive tour with a human touch anyone can take part in and enjoy from the coziness of their homes (no crowds, we promise!). 

One of the best things about these tours is that the magnificence of Rome’s architecture is explained by a real person (your certified guide), so it really feels like being there for you. Your guide explains what they’re framing for you to see and directs your eye and attention to the highlights. And this is exactly your inspirational source: they will create engagement and give you tips in anticipation of your next trip to Rome! Through their words, that is, old factual details will come to life and never-heard-before anecdotes will pave the way for your better understanding of the history of the Eternal City. By exploring Rome from someone else’s perspective, you will become more enriched, so when the emergency is over and it will be your turn to visit Italy in person, you’ll know things the other tourists don’t even imagine. 


We’ve started with one of our best-selling tours, the Vatican, the Holy See’s city state within the city of Rome. A virtual walk to St. Peter’s Square, the Basilica and the Museums allows you to explore the greatest of all churches of Christendom and one of the biggest museums in the world, whose display of unique artworks is appreciated by religious and non-religious people alike. And guess what? you will not have to experience it with a mask on.

Ready to try something new? Yes, because a new tour will soon be on its way. Rome isn’t always about traditions and antiquities. It is a museum en plein air, even more so when street artists revisit religious and secular icons and bring them on bare peripheral council houses’ walls so that they become canvases for huge graffiti paintings or murals, and in doing so transform off-the-radar old districts into art galleries. This is exactly what happened in Tor Marancia, a district of South East Rome. The street art project is known as Big City Life.


Reserving your spot in a virtual tour is very simple: visit our website, select the tour you want and follow the booking steps. After the reservation is completed, you’ll receive a confirmation email containing an invitation for a Zoom meeting. In the email body you’ll see a Join link which will prompt you to either download or launch Zoom. We suggest you check your system requirements as well as your webcam and microphone settings before starting. Moreover, please remember that the experience is interactive, that means you will be able to communicate with the host and the other participants. Which makes it a fun and learning activity for everyone!


Mario Trimarchi – Copywriter & Content Editor for Gray Line Rome

Mario has a degree in foreign language with a major in translation. He’s worked in the tourist industry for a decade.